This is my story...

For almost a decade, I have lived in different countries as a result of my job, working in the aviation sector.  Across national borders, I have been discovering small treasures - hundred-year-old brands which I’m always glad to give as presents to my nearest and dearest. I have encountered timeless gifts that convey the quality and peace of other times, but are still fully adequate for today’s world.  There are antique and exclusive products which have definitely managed to survive the passing of time, in spite of all the changes in trends, tastes, preferences, flavours, brands and needs.

These products are a testament to principles of tradition, hard work, quality, honesty and attachment to their roots. All of them are part of my personal selection, because when we give a present, we want not only to surprise, please and make the recipient feel special and unique; but also to convey something of ourselves: our good taste, our originality and our own experience.

These experiences have been pushing me to share my concept of a gift with you.  I believe that a gift should transmit affection, originality, elegance and closeness.  For these reasons, I have managed to surround myself with a great human team, full of experience in management and distribution.

For me, giving is an art, in which we not only deliver the object, but also a trace of our personality through that item which we have chosen.

Through us, you will manage to achieve that goal, as we pride ourselves on our ability to put all the affection and care needed into each and every one of our gifts.  We show our commitment not only in the content and aesthetics of our products, but also in their careful and punctual delivery.

I hope I can count on your support share all the excitement that your gifts so well deserve.

Elena A. Costin

elena leyendas con sabor